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HR’s Role in CSR and Ethics:

The HR function is often given responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR. These CSR activities may range from local initiatives designed to give something back to communities in the neighbourhood of a business unit. Or they may be strategic, global initiatives designed to ‘add extra value to the corporations overall mission and to serve a wider range of stakeholders than just shareholders’.

Thus CSR can lead HR into a whole new field of Ethics, involving choices of which social, political, educational, health-care or international aid programmes to support, and which not to support. What can seem a good objective can quickly become a tarnished link with a disgraced partner, local tyrant, dictatorial government or bad non-governmental agency.

If you work in this field then it is useful to know business ethics in greater depth and how to make complex decisions that mitigate the risks inherent in CSR activities, and ensure that harm to society and communities is avoided and your reputation enhanced.

Corporate Social Responsibilty - Asian Students

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